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28 Nov 2023

Instead of swinging open on hinges, a sliding glass shower door slides along tracking. These are referred to as bypass shower doors. Each unit includes two operable glass panels that can move past one another in parallel tracks. This offers a nice level of versatility by allowing you to enter or exit the shower on either side. At a glance, the characteristics of a bypass shower door system are:

  • Two moving door panels.
  • Sliding door operation.
  • Tempered (or laminated) glass.
  • 90 degree return panels added to either or both ends of the shower if needed.

There is also a Crittall style sliding door system that is comprised of a single door panel which slides past a fixed panel beside it. This product brings together an in-vogue glass and metal combo as well as space-saving door operation.

  1. On What Types Of Glass Enclosures Are Sliding Shower Doors Used?

Many sliding shower doors come in pairs – two bypass doors in parallel tracks. Therefore, these are not used on shower stalls that call for a single door. You will see bypass doors on:

Bathtub enclosures – An ordinary bathtub with a shower head can be dressed up with sliding glass doors. If the tub is already enclosed on three sides, you can close off the remaining wall with a set of bypass doors.

Shower enclosures – Likewise, bypass doors can enclose a shower stall that is already closed off except for a wide entrance that is best served by double doors.

Sliding doors plus 90 degree return(s) – If a tub or shower stall is open on two or three sides, additional panels can be installed at right angles to the doors to finish off the enclosure.

Custom – Homeowners can also use bypass doors on custom glass showers with unique dimensions, angles, numbers of panels, etc.