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what is the function of shower tray

what is the function of shower tray

17 Jun 2024
what is the function of shower tray

What is the function of the shower room bottom basin? Nowadays, many people in shower rooms are unaware of the function of the bottom basin, so some choose according to their preferences, while others do not. Today, we will specifically talk about some related knowledge about the bottom basin of shower rooms.


What is the function of the shower room bottom basin?

  1. The shower room with a bottom basin looks more upscale and has better water tightness, but it is worth noting that it must be laid out and reserved with holes before installation.

2. The bottom basin is made of acrylic panels, which are hot formed and coated with fiberglass reinforced resin inside. In general, the bottom basin can only be according to the provided specifications and models. If you want to customize, you can choose to match artificial solid stone with self-designed molds, including full arc, fan-shaped, diamond shaped, irregular, etc., which are completely consistent with the house body, formed in one go, without joints, sturdy and durable, with a warranty period of more than ten years.


What is the function of the shower room bottom basin?

  1. A rectangular shower basin is the most suitable for larger bathrooms, providing them with a larger shower space. The rectangular circular shower basin is very popular mainly because of its versatility. Larger space and more freedom in showering.

4. The shower room bottom basin includes artificial stone bottom basin (made of the same material as the stone base), composite acrylic bottom basin, acrylic bottom basin, etc; Equipped with anti clogging and anti odor functions to remove water, keeping the entire low basin dry and clean. The surface^s anti slip function prevents slipping, allowing you to fully enjoy the joy of showering


What is the function of the shower room bottom basin?

5. At present, some artificial stone materials on the market have a brittle surface layer that does not match the color inside after collision and detachment, which is extremely unsightly. In terms of product grade, marble is more upscale than artificial stone. After polishing, marble appears very shiny and has a natural texture. However, from the perspective of the usage environment and the characteristics of the material itself, artificial stone is more suitable as a shower basin than marble. contact us DABBL for more shower tray and shower enclosure

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