Shower Enclosure Design Case

The protagonist of this case @Fan is a handsome guy born in the 90s. As an IT practitioner, his life is very simple and casual. Due to the high work pressure, @Fan has a requirement in the decoration, that is, he can relieve pressure. Others Keep everything simple.


design example

Design case


Client: Mr. Fan Bathroom area: about 7.7㎡

Requirements: Ensure safety and avoid depression


Design Concept

Design ideas Analysis of bathroom layout.

The bathroom has a large area and a square-shaped apartment structure. The designer uses four corners as a layout to easily divide the space into 4 independent functional areas, so that the space is arranged in an orderly manner and maximizes the use of space. At the same time, it realizes the separation of dry and wet, relieves the humidity in the bathroom and reduces the growth of bacteria.


How to relieve stress?

According to the characteristics of the apartment, the designer uses a T-shaped shower room to separate the toilet and the bathing area. At the same time, the bathtub on the side slows down the time and enjoys the comfort and relaxation of the bath at leisure.


The style choice of shower room.

Dabbl T-shaped BK series shower room is divided into two small spaces, the shower and the toilet. The single glass sliding door and the dual purpose allow the space to be continuous and move in and out freely.



effect appears

BK has an extremely beautiful one-shaped handle, which presents a minimalist beauty from top to bottom, with a comfortable grip. The handle chamfering handles the maximum convenience for Mr. Fan and his family, and makes it worry-free for the elderly and children.


BK adopts OPEC buffer pulleys, equipped with high-quality dampers, and strong combination; it allows the shower room to have a slight buffer during the push and pull process, just like the brake function, which has a good buffer effect, safe and silent sliding.


At the same time, the pulley adopts self-cleaning brush device technology, which makes cleaning more convenient.


The T-shape realizes functional partitioning and separation of odors; the side of the toilet adopts barrier-free design, which can avoid embarrassment of kicking, safe, reduce bacteria hiding, and more convenient to clean; while the bathing area uses 10mm extremely narrow metal water retaining strips, which is beautiful It is fashionable, prevents overflow, and seals the water level one level, which truly realizes the separation of dry and wet!