Shower Room Maintenance 3 Tips

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Shower rooms maintenance to become a daily life. There have been a lot of shower room unsafe events in the market and shower room burst wound incident is not uncommon. Internal factors have been studied to avoid, but in fact external factors are also led to such a large factor in the event because we lack the basic maintenance knowledge. How to maintain shower enclosures? In fact, the key is the maintenance of tempered glass. The performance of tempered glass will be improved when it is damaged. Now Dabbl editors introduce a few tempered glass maintenance points.

Firstly, do not wipe it with a corrosive liquid when cleaning the tempered glass. Because these corrosive liquids remain on the surface will cause its surface corrosion and affect its performance. Corrosion is a chemical reaction that can cause some of the material of the tempered glass to be dissolved out to cause its thickness and surface to be compromised. Then its performance will be greatly affected so that it cannot resist some external or environmental factors.

In addition, we cannot use rough things to remove the tempered glass. Because the use of clean material is too rough will lead to its friction with the tempered glass increases. Once the friction increases will cause the glass surface appears scratching is extremely ugly, and also affects the smoothness.

Secondly, for the maintenance of the shower doors need to pay attention to certain skills. Usually we do not want to beat it, use soft material when wiping, and use some mild detergent and other substances clear glass. The only way to ensure the performance of tempered glass. If there is a scratch do not have their own through some tools to deal with, but should inform the professional maintenance personnel to deal with, and do not use that private personnel to deal with, otherwise it will cause great harm to the glass. Informal personnel to operate the family class decoration or maintenance of household goods when the quality can not guarantee.

Finally, do not use any substance to crack the tempered glass, especially what is more sharp substances such as some of the sharp end of the material. These things and tempered glass contact area is very small, so it is easy to suffer damage. The reason is simple, and we usually learn the physical knowledge of the pressure is fully consistent. If the same force under the influence of the smaller area will lead to the tempered glass is more vulnerable to damage.

So we use the shower doors do not take such substances to beat tempered glass, this is not a fun thing. In particular, do not let the children to the collision. For example, some children in the vicinity of the children play in the shower enclosures and they may often run into the shower enclosures. In case the shower doors to touch the explosion, then this responsibility can really not blame the business, and may both have a certain responsibility.

The above is the shower room maintenance 3 small knowledge. Home shower room maintenance basic maintenance is very important. Through the above three points of knowledge is convenient and practical, we hope to help more knowledge. 14-years Dabbl shower enclosures would like to to provide more convenient services and higher quality products. Like corner shower enclosures, quadrant shower enclosures, walk in shower enclosures, frameless shower enclosures, custom glass shower doors, sliding glass shower doors, frameless shower screens, neo angle shower doors etc.